Catalyst is defined as “A person or event that causes change or action.” That is EXACTLY who we are! We are a people who refuse to be okay with just believing in Jesus. Many believers become sofa spuds who are okay with weekly services as long as they don't get in the way of their perspectives and plans. At Catalyst, we refuse to let that be our norm!  We are a church that is not okay with basking in the glory of our salvation! Having faith in Jesus is incredible, but if it has no action, it’s NOTHING! We want to be known not just for life change on Sundays, but we want our identifying mark to be that we give our all to the people Jesus died for (EVERYONE)! Jesus wants to change the world not just by great preaching and music, but by willing people who will LIVE and GIVE God’s love EVERYWHERE they go, EVERY SINGLE DAY!!



Ben Bonner and Derek Harper each grew up in Carrollton, and they have a passion for reaching this community! Though the two of them are very different, they have the same heart and vision for ministry! They’re committed to reaching this community by not just preaching the greatest message ever! They pour their lives into showing people they can be a part of that message! Great faith, excellent worship, and life changing sermons are wonderful, but by no means are they the most important! Your pastors want to walk side by side and show you that faith does and the result is being a church that DOES!





restore – being a part of God’s healing in every life

celebrate – He won, we win, let’s celebrate

focus – Jesus is central to everything we do

change – we love change

grow – discover and develop who God made you to be

spread – building relationships that reach

dream – God will do the impossible in and through us


We want our students from 6th-12th grade to know that Jesus lives inside of them; therefore, they can do ANYTHING! We encourage our students to put their faith in MOTION and be an impact player EVERYWHERE they go! Being a bench warmer is too easy! Our students will learn that there is no better time than TODAY to make it happen! 



It’s NEVER too early to teach our children about Jesus! From 6 weeks to 5th grade, our kids will learn about how AWESOME Jesus is! We will also teach them that they are not too young to make an impact in this world! Our children will be loved, cared for, and encouraged to share His love in their life!

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